Album Review: The Good Fight by Royalchord

Album Name: The Good Fight
Artist: Royalchord
Year/Label: 2009 / Supply & Demand Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

My first reaction was ‘kinda boring.’ I felt the production was sort of unprofessional, but it was alright. I wasn’t sure this one would make the cut.

But then I started listening to it more on it’s own, using the headphones and I realized I like this more than I thought I would. So it’s not something that grabbed me from the get-go, but now that I’ve given it some eartime it’s become like a nice sweet friend.

It’s got some nice & easy melodies.

Midnight Lines has a cute drum beat and nice swooping vocals. It’s my favorite.

This is pretty ambient pop, mostly. For some reason I want to call it small cute music. It reminds me a little of the music of Kimya Dawson and those like her.

Track Listing
1. The Good Times
2. Turn My Life Around
3. Midnight Lines
4. It’s Not Who
5. Mighty Minor
6. Black Trash
7. Sleazy In The Corner
8. Magic Hands
9. All Your Caribbean
10. Mr. Light
11. Too Easy
12. Purple Valium

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