Album Review: The Moon & You by Shona Foster

Album Name: The Moon & You
Artist: Shona Foster
Year/Label: 2011 / Beach Hut

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Shona Foster’s debut is a multi-faceted record with plenty of good songs.

The opener Number 34 rests on a choppy beat and has a superlative vocal by Foster. It’s a little like Regina Spektor.

Dancing Leaves shows Foster at her best, a sinuous ballad with a vocal to be awed by. She has a way with these things.

Bad Intentions is a cool up-tempo ditty with a melody that seems to unfurl nicely. It’s almost jazzy and Foster’s vocal really delivers the necessary cool reserve.

Collision closes the promising album on a cool note, Foster’s vocal swooping over an assemblage of neat instrumentation.

It’s a confident closer to a wonderful album.

Track Listing
1. Number 34
2. Queens
3. Dancing Leaves
4. Dusk
5. Love And War
6. Oh Patience
7. Bad Intentions
8. Sew Over It
9. Where We’ll Go
10. Ferris
11. Be Bold
12. Collision

[Shona Foster Official Site]

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