Album Review: The One Who’s Leavin’ by Doug Spartz

Album Name: The One Who’s Leavin’
Artist: Doug Spartz
Year/Label: 2007 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I tend to not like songs or albums that use partial words (leavin’ instead of leaving) because it generally indicates country. But there are exceptions. This is one. While Doug Spartz’ Americana/Country style is not a genre I listen to with any regularity, I can say this is a really good album.

On songs such as Forever Young his great gruff voice is in wonderful contrast to his beautiful lyrics.

I especially enjoy Risky World which is a lively (more rock) tune filled with opinions about the world today. You don’t usually see country protest songs. At least I don’t. It’s refreshing. Plus it has a great fiddle line.

I’ve Always Been Crazy features Eilen Jewell who’s album, Boundary County was reviewed here in 2006.

I generally don’t like talky songs, but Talkin’ Americana Blues is really fun.

Upon repeated listens I like this even more. I just love his voice. All 20 songs are catchy without being too mainstreamy or twangy for my taste. Plus he’s a fellow Minnesotan! There’s a religious bent to some of the songs which may turn some away, but I’m sure will speak to others.

Check this one out for sure.

Posted on December 17, 2007

Track Listing
Listen to track samples while you read
1 Risky World with Tom Gillam
2 Forever Young
3 Flight of Jesse James with Jay Boy Adams
4 The Lord He Left You
5 Galveston
6 Wine Into Water
7 Tombstone Mansion with Tom Gillam
8 Ring Them Bells with Billy Lee Riley
9 Time To Get A Gun
10 Talkin’ Americana Blues
11 Pederson & Jesus with Jay Boy Adams
12 Golden Slumbers with Sarah Jo Roark
13 Bride Of Little Milton with Billy Joe French
14 The One Who’s Leavin’
15 All Is Well
16 Still Waters
17 Old Jack Morgan
18 I Had Friends Who Loved Me
19 I’ve Always Been Crazy with Eilen Jewell
20 Dude’s Dream #26 (All The Young Dudes)

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