Album Review: The Taxidermist by Scarlet Season

Album Name: The Taxidermist
Artist: Scarlet Season
Year/Label: 2011 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Scarlet Season is the new project by Aileen Paron who released the strong album Anonyma in a more singer-songwriterly style. The new sound is less organic, but still compellingly drawn. Paron’s lovely vocals and piano have a place so all is well.

Counting Days sees Paron reach for a synth sound not unlike recent Goldfrapp though with a sadder heart.

Horse Fury is a recent single and a truly stunning track. Paron’s gorgeous vocals take centre stage and her piano provides a strong backdrop. The title song is an almost theatrical ballad with a truly lovely melody.

Something I Can Feel is a powerful track that recalls latter day Depeche Mode in a cool way.

It’s a strong album and I hope Aileen Paron stays with this sound a long while.

Track Listing
01 Almost But Not Quite
02. Counting Days
03. History of Violence
04. Horse Fury
05. Suicide Pilot
06. B&D
07. The Taxidermist
08. Something I Can Feel
09. Rewind
10. Ashes

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