Album Review: The Unperson by The Unperson

Album Name: The Unperson
Artist: The Unperson (with Kate Doblick)
Year/Label: 2006 / Coldleaf Music

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Albert Visick is the Unperson and Kate Doblick supplies the dulcet vocals on this album.

Opener “Refuge” marries dark lyrics to a calm melody. It sounds like Innocence Mission’s evil twin sister.

“I am Ill” is more strident, Doblick’s vocals just as urgent as the guitar drone needs them to be.

“Looney on the Ceiling” is calm and unsettling with a simple guitar line. As ever the vocals entrance. It sounds like British band the Sundays used too, all innocence and beauty despite the strange lyrics.

“Before the Storm” sees the band playing softly, but saying much. Like so many other of these songs, it’s quiet style is appealing.

The Unpersons’ album is a thing of understated beauty and charm.

Posted on August 11, 2006

Track Listing
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1. Refuge
2. I am Ill
3. Precious Bugs
4. Looney on the Ceiling
5. Memory Hole
6. Queen’s Decade
7. Before the Storm
8. Cheap Plastic
9. Understatement
10. Safety Breach

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