Album Review: The Unreachable Sky by Jo Gabriel

Album Name: The Unreachable Sky
Artist: Jo Gabriel
Year/Label: 2003 / Independent

[Order from Faith Strange]

Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Jo Gabriel’s new album is mostly piano instrumentals, but has some vocal tracks as well. There’s enough tension to ensure the instrumental tracks are brilliant. Gabriel’s a masterful pianist and her tunes are haunting.

“Tinderbox Waltz” is soundtrack music waiting for a film. It conjures forth images of rain-swept beaches and impossible romances.

“Mother May I?” features a strong vocal and a great melody. Jo Gabriel’s resemblance to Kate Bush is quite obvious here.

The title track is short, but still strong. It’s atmospheric and fluent.

“7 Little Secrets” is a soft ballad with Gabriel lending her most evocative vocal to some suggestive lyrics.

This is a lovely album that s should give you a strong reason to investigate Gabriel’s music

Posted on October 22, 2003

Track Listing
1. I’m Ok
2.Tinderbox Waltz
3.Turbulent Silence
4.Mother May I?
5.Day Without You
6.Tinderbox Minuet
7.The Unreachable Sky
9.Danse Papusza
11.Be My Deity
12.Glorify / Birdsend
13.The Grendel Inside
15.I’m Still Ok
17.7 Little Secrets
18.If Not

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