Album Review: The World is Bound By Secret Knots by Noe Venable

Album Name: The World is Bound By Secret Knots
Artist: Noe Venable
Year/Label: 2003 / Petridish Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I am new to Noe’s music as of just a few months ago. I finally got around to getting a copy of “Boots” and when I went to write a review, realized that Anna Maria Stjärnell had already written one. Oh well, I posted mine anyway.

Then I wrote to Noe requesting a copy for review. She sent it and I was just going to post the review today when what do I receive in my inbox? Oh lookie here, a review of this very CD from Anna Maria Stjärnell. Well, as you can see she and I have similar tastes in music…. which is a good thing. I actually like having more than one review of a CD. Gives the reader more than one perspective.

So here’s mine, written before I read Anna Maria’s just in case they turned out to be similar.

Now Venable is back with her soft haunting (yet powerful and emotional) voice. The music is a tad more complex this time out (as compared to “Boots”) but it still very much in the same vein.

I could pick out my favorite songs, but I’d end up naming them all eventually. But “Black Madonna” really sticks out to me as does “Is the Spirit Here?”. In both songs she does this great spoken, almost yelling thing that it at once alarming and cool.

“Feral” also has some great spoken stuff.

“Wings Again” reminds me so much of Sarah Slean it’s eerie. It’s a more melodic song that the others on here. The piano shows up a lot more here.

This is a fantastic CD, go get it NOW!

Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Magical. That’s the proper word for Neo Venable’s new record.

Her childlike voice is ablaze with wonder and her melodies coil like serpents. This music is on fire. Burning with a passion for life. Thus we get a world populated by black Madonnas and twisted families.

“Is the spirit here?” she asks, only to answer an excited “Yes!”.

The aptly titled “Feral” sees Venable becoming passionate and vulnerable at once.

Musically she is kin to Jane Siberry and the little-known Susan Court. This album is beautiful and then some.

For those who dare to dream it’s essential.

Posted on December 16, 2003

Track Listing
1. Riverwide
2. Juniper
3. Tower
4. Black Madonna
5. Garden
6. Is The Spirit Here?
7. Midsummer Night’s Dream
8. Feral
9. Simple Song
10. Wings Again
11. Lilies
12. Doll Comes To Life
13. In The Dark

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