Album Review: The Worst Kind of Way by Delaney Gibson

Album Name: The Worst Kind of Way
Artist: Delaney Gibson
Year/Label: 2004 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Delaney Gibson is a singer and pianist whose powerful voice has shades of Jewel at her best. Her debut album is a polished and accomplished effort.

The title track has some dynamic piano playing and a filmic atmosphere that brings out the best in the singer’s voice.

Happenstance is a neat song with a melody that’s instantly likable and a strong vocal.

In Your Head is a strong song with a radio friendly but rockin’ sound that shows that Gibson can write what sounds like a hit.

Champagne and Cyanide is a soft song with a smart lyric. It’s a lovely debut that should provide Gibson with many fans.

Track Listing
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1 I’m Alive
2 The Worst Kind of Way
3 Push
4 I Think I Have OCD
5 Happenstance
6 Oceans and Countries
7 In Your Head8 More than Always
9 Champagne & Cyanide
10 Something to Believe In
11 Chicago
12 Je ne t’aime pas (Hidden Track)

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