Album Review: Theo and The Skyscrapers by Theo and The Skyscrapers

Album Name: Theo and The Skyscrapers
Artist: Theo and The Skyscrapers
Year/Label: 2006 / Waxlips/Morpheus

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Theo and the Skyscrapers are fronted by ex-Lunachick Theo Kogan. She’s made forays into modeling and acting but this is firmly a rock record. One of her band members was part of the fetchingly named Toilet Boys.

“Say It Again” roars with intention, Koagn’s vocal all fury while guitarist Sean Pierce excels.

“First Bleach” is a Blondie song down to the title, Kogan’s vixen-ish singing channeling Debbie Harry.

“Down The Hole” rocks fiercely and displays the singer’s full range.

“Broken Girl” is sharp and persuasive.

The dvd part of the package has three videos, the “Run Rabbit run” one is scary and the others cool.

The performance-art piece “Screen test” is a strange but compelling comment on celebrity and beauty. Kogan performs standing still while images are projected unto her and on screens. It works well and is suggestive.

Theo and her band might just be touching the clouds soon.

Posted on May 30, 2006

Track Listing
1. Doppelganger Death Disco
2. Say It Again
3. First Bleach
4. Lay ‘Em Out
5. Red Shoes
6. Down the Hole
7. End of Time
8. Volcano
9. Unravelled
10. Broken Girl
11. Not Alone

Disc: 2
1. Run Rabit Run [DVD]
2. Time [DVD]
3. Broken Girls [DVD]
4. Extras [DVD]

[Theo and The Skyscrapers Official Site]

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