Album Review: Things Change in a Day by Now You See Them

Album Name: Things Change in a Day
Artist: Now You See Them
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds
This record was in my rotation in August of last year (yes August!) and I had listened to them for a couple of months on rotation but no songs stuck out to me. So I put them in the “meh” pile.

Then as I was getting ready to purge that “pile” (folder on my computer) I gave everyone one more chance. I went to their website and read more about them. They seem really cute, quirky and fun. So I had to put them back in rotation and listen with a new set of ears.

Ironic, now that I look at the title of the album, and the band too, now that I look again.

So upon second review I’m seeing them slightly different. The songs still kind of sound alike. But it really is a fun quirky style. Jangly guitars, clever lyrics, catchy melodies…almost like a very lo-fi Barenaked Ladies but with less instrumentation, and more female voice.

This is the kind of band I would love to see live. They seem like they’re having a good time and that the music would translate well to small venue where they can interact with their listeners.

Fun song along-y type music.

Track Listing
1.Let Me Know
2.It’s Worth It
3.Baby Burden
4.It Could Be Worse
5.Actors and Authors
6.Spelling Bee
7.No Mystery

[Now You See Them Official Site]

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