Album Review: Thread Bone Bare by Sarina Simoom

Album Name: Thread Bone Bare
Artist: Sarina Simoom
Year/Label: 2000 Velveteen Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Sarina Simoom’s debut album is a rare and beautiful thing.

Singer Jenna Herbst’s nimble voice scales unbelievable heights easily.

The music is both elegiac and uplifting. This is an album that the 4AD label might have put out in the eighties.
It would fit perfectly with the Cocteau Twins best works from that era. The band’s sound is less ethereal and more earthy than the Cocteaus though.

The peaceful nature of the music is frequently undercut by darker strains.

This is remarkable debut.

Posted on January 29, 2001

Track Listing
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1. Intro
2. Mother
3. Tree
4. Place in Line
5. Sycamore
6. To See Beauty
7. Hine ma tov
8. Already Dead
9. Hey Angel
10. Love of Grieving
11. In The Valley
12. Thread

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