Album Review: Through the Gash by Hannah Fury

Album Name: Through the Gash
Artist: Hannah Fury
Year/Label: 2007 / MellowTraumatic Recordings

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I admit, I adore Hannah Fury. I’ve reviewed her stuff in the past and I’ve always been enchanted by it.

Not only does she have a wonderful, spooky voice, but she really knows how to layer a song. There is so much going on here I feel like I have to listen to it 100 times with headphones and without. Each song is like a dream film and I want to savor it as slowly and as often as I can.

She tells great haunting stories. Her knack for imagery is simply the best I’ve ever heard or read.

I once heard Tori Amos described as “Kate Bush with a knife” (Johnny Rotton) and I’d say Hannah Fury is Kate Bush with a Victorian fairy taleā€¦and maybe a drop of poison.

You can get the feel of her music with only your ears, but the art that comes along with it, whether it be on the website or on the CD packaging so enhances it all.

She also has opened an online boutique called Antoinette’s Revenge and it has come awesomely gorgeous stuff. I want it all.

This is one extremely talented woman. Please check her out and step into her world. You won’t want to leave.

Posted on August 7, 200

Track Listing
1. Defenestration
2. No Man Alive
3. Don’t Be Scared
4. Carnival Justice (The Gloves Are Off) Part II
5. You Don’t Leave a Trace
6. Where the Wounds Are
7. You Had Me
8. Beware the Touch
9. Girls That Glitter Love the Dark
10. Status
11. The Apple
12. Carousel
13. Never Look Back

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