Album Review: To the Bone by Terami Hirsch

Album Name: To the Bone
Artist: Terami Hirsch
Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I don’t even know where to begin. Terami is amazing. I first heard her music when she wrote to me about being included on this site. I took a listen to her downloadable music and was blown away. She sent me her first, CD, “All Girl Band” and I was hooked. Several months later she send out the CD-R called “Stickfigures” to those who had signed up on her website, and I received that one too. I especially liked that recording because I’m one of those folks who love the talking part of a concert almost as much as the music. I really like to know what the artist was feeling when she wrote the song, and it’s also fun just to hear silly stories. If they’re willing to talk I’m willing to listen. And “Stickfigures” she introduces each song with a little blurb about what it means to her, or an anecdote. I love it.

Recently (August 2, 2002) Collected Sounds had the honor of hosting a House Concert featuring Terami. It was then I got my copy of “To the Bone” (our show served as her CD release party) and I’m happy to say this CD is even better than the previous efforts. I didn’t think it possible, but she did it.

“To the Bone” is a beautiful record. She begins with “Pet” which knocks my socks off (do people still say that?). It’s got everything: great lyrics, fantastic piano playing, gorgeous vocals and she’s got the rise and fall, ebb and flow, crescendo and decrescendo, what have you, down to a “T”. Kevin Benson’s sampling and drumbeats add a special touch to all the songs, but especially this track.

An old favorite, “Stained” also appears here which is great in its new incarnation.

Another favorite is “Fire”. This track is beautiful and eerie.

Well, I could go on about each song because they’re really all fantastic, but I would say that “Sideline Junkies” certainly stands out. Its sassy, cabaret sound is as catchy as it is clever and it will stick with you.

This is a fantastic album all around. There is not one song I would take out though if you put all of my Terami songs on one CD it would have to be about 3 hours long.

If you like piano, beautiful melodies and an incredible voice, you’ll like Terami Hirsch…a lot.

Posted on August 26, 2002

Track Listing
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1. Pet
2. Raising the Dead
3. Paperweight
4. Stained
5. The Breathing
6. Sideline Junkies
7. Boxes
8. The River
9. Fire
10. Everybody (inside the skin)
11. Falling
12. Until You

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