Album Review: Trophy Wife by Lady Bret

Album Name: Trophy Wife
Artist: Lady Bret
Year/Label: 2008 / Madam One

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnel

Bret Crain, known as Lady Bret, appears to be quite a character. She’s done some albums before that have been highly praised. Trophy Wife is fascinating and experimental electro pop with savage wit and strong lyrics.

Carpool details strange things set to a minimalistic backing as Crain’s tale unfolds. Her vocals are laidback yet passionate.

The title song satirizes the lifestyles of the rich and famous with wit and flair. Crain’s innocent-sounding vocal only enhances the effect.

1000 Men is fun and silly as the protagonist tells of her sexual adventures to a club-friendly beat.

Punk Baby from Mars is charmingly trashy and a bit punk of course. Crain has her tongue in her cheek as she sings in a girlish coo.

This is a brilliant and inventive album.

Track Listing
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1 Where Were You?
2 Carpool
3 White Girl from Orange County
4 Trophy Wife
5 Undercover Lover
6 Mercy Nursie
7 Who, What, Where, When?
8 1000 Men
9 Red Sweater
10 Lemoncoli
11 Punk Baby From Mars
12 You Had Me
13 Vivian Leigh

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