Album Review: Twist of the Banshees by Fans of Jimmy Century

Album Name: Twist of the Banshees
Artist: Jimmy Century
Year/Label: 2008 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Fans of Jimmy Century consist of Alicia Peron and Victor James. They play a hip brand of electronica and have been featured on The L Word tv series.

Opener Blonde ambition red temptation buzzes like Goldfrapp used to and Peron’s siren-like voice is a delight to hear.

Hot Sahara heads for the dancefloor and won’t let go as the duo let an irresistible chorus loose.

The Future Will Blow Your Mind is cool enough to take it a little easier, Peron sounds every bit the diva though. The beats are insistent and the mood groovy.

Motorola is tougher; Peron’s vocal coolly dominating.

It’s an album for parties and dancefloors all over and as such it should be hard to beat.

Track Listing
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1 Blonde Ambition Red Temptation
2 Hot Sahara
3 Your Crying Game
4 Delicate Fever
5 The Future Will Blow Your Mind
6 Shy Violet
7 Motorola
8 The Record That U Play
9 Trip The Light
10 Dirty Little Love Train
11 Hot Sahara (Lenny B Remix)

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