Album Review: Under by Kenny Schick

Album Name: Under
Artist: Kenny Schick/Basement 3
Year/Label: 2010 / Basement 3

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Kenny Schick is one half of Artemesia Black, but the records solo also. He has a rather sparse, but intriguing sound on this effort.
His voice is well up to the task.

Ghost is a soft yet haunting song where his guitar does a few neat things. It’s kinda bluesy and has a lot of charm.

He covers Gillian Welch’s The Revelator nicely and it gets a good reading. Artemesia Black has also done a Welch cover so clearly he likes her stuff.

Opposite is calm and well played, Schick getting some vocal support by Sabiné Heusler. It’s an appealing song in all.

Back Home is a slow song that really shows off Schick’s skill with the guitar.

This is a very nice little album.

Track Listing
1. Bottom of the World
2. Ghost
3. Summer
4. Revelator
5. Rain
6. Kiss
7. Opposite
8. Calling You
9. Go
10. Sun Goes Down
11. Play
12. Back Home
13. Black and Blue
14. Sweetest Sting(Beena)

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