Album Review: Unravel by Amelia’s Dream

Album Name: Unravel (Recorded Live at the Magic Shop)
Artist: Amelia’s Dream
Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

From the artwork I was expecting punk or at least hard. I got another CD the same day that looks very similar: black and white artistic cartoon artwork and but was hip hop/rap!

Well, this isn’t (thank god). Amelia’s Dream is led by Amelia Gewirtz who also at least co-wrote all the songs. The other members are: Harold Stephan (keys. Vocals); Ben Butler (guitars); Richard Hammond (bass); and Tom Curiano (drums).

Gewirtz has a lovely voice that is reminiscent of Megan Slankard at times. Esepcially on “Ballerina”. She has quite a range. From deep, low smooth sounds to strong gutsy higher notes. All performed with equal skill.

Anyway, it’s very nice. She is also an artist in the sense that she paints. There are some lovely samples on her site. Cool, and sometimes creepy stuff (like the CD cover; which is also hers).

The genre would, I guess, be Adult Alternative Rock. Maybe with a little pop. It’s not hard and/or offensive, but not ‘too pretty’ either. It’s “just right” (said Goldilocks in The Three Bears).

The songs are well written and are engaging.

The title says this CD is recorded live. But it sounds quite produced. So maybe by ‘live’, they mean that the tracks were not all recorded separately and many times over then mixed together, but rather all performed all together in one take. But it does not sound like a live recording in the traditional sense. There is no crowd noise and no between song banter.

Posted on September 23, 2005

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1. Unravel
2. Wonder
3. Blue Sky
4. Redlight
5. It All Comes Back To You (Broken)
6. Covered Up The Sun
7. Sandcastle
8. Only On The Inside
9. Before Your Time
10. Band Aids
11. Light A Candle
12. Ballerina
13. Save Me

[Amelia’s Dream Official Site]
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Rating: 5 Stars
Comment: This album is sublime and beautiful – I have missed Amelia’s Dream and I am so happy that they are back with a new record !
name: Ariel Hyatt on Wednesday, September 28, 2005


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