Album Review: Up Close and Personal by Vicki Genfan

Album Name: Up Close and Personal
Artist: Vicki Genfan
Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I reviewed Vicki’s previous release, Live back in 2004. I remembered liking it and being very impressed with her guitar playing skills. Not being a guitarist myself, it’s sometimes hard for me to tell if someone is really good or not. But there is no mistaking this talent.

What I didn’t remember was that she had a really nice singing voice too. The last CD must have been more instrumental or maybe the songs I liked the best on it were. But at any rate, I’m glad to hear this recording and know that Genfan has a great voice and can do much more than play guitar (not that that’s an easy task, especially when you play like she does).

This album is split up between two discs. The first being “Up Close” which is completely instrumental. Then “Personal” (disc 2) is her singer/songwriter style. While both styles are very nice, being a singer myself, and one who loves lyrics, I tend to gravitate toward the second disc.

She does a lovely cover of the Beatle’s ‘Norwegian Wood’.

Now, guitar lovers don’t hate me, if you read my reviews regularly, you know I love piano. So I have to give props to “When You Are Winter” as there is a gorgeous piano part. It’s really a beautiful song.

The instrumental disc is really very nice. Like I said, she’s an amazing musician. But not only that, she writes so well that even though the songs don’t have lyrics and voice, they’re still very interesting.

If you enjoy folk-pop music and can appreciate good playing, you’ll have to get this CD.

Posted on October 16, 2006

Track Listing
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1. Atomic Reshuffle
2. Let It Rain
3. In A Mood
4. Kali Dreams
5. Luna Ahumada
6. Joy
7. Si
8. New Grass
9. Longest Night
10. Catch Me
11. Jamanolo
12. Don’t Give Up On Me
13. Norwegian Wood
14. Love Thing
15. When You Are Winter
16. What’s Going On
17. Ain’t Got Love
18. Living In The Country
19. So What’s It To Ya
20. Carry Me Home
21. Eleanor

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