Album Review: Vanilla by Marian Call


Album Name: Vanilla
Artist: Marian Call
Year/Label: 2009 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Alaska’s Marian Call has a refreshingly honest lyrical approach, and she’s penned some cool songs for this debut.

Dark Dark Eyes scores major geek points by being about scifi show Firefly’s troubled girl genius River. Call has done a geek tribute album, which includes more Firefly shout outs. The beauty of this song is that you can hear it without needing to know who or what River is and still be moved by it.

The Volvo Song is amusing and pays tribute to the benefits of being ordinary. Call’s vocals are peerless and relaxed to a lovely melody. \

The title song sees Call wondering if she’s too normal, and it should strike a chord with many.

Reliability is not appealing but I know no other way to be

…she intones. The tune is sorta cabaret and the deliveries wonderfully tongue in cheek.

She covers Joni Michell’s Chelsea Morning and it’s a very nice exit point as well as telling reference. She’s really good.

Track Listing
1. Fret
2. Dark Dark Eyes
3. The Volvo Song
4. Flying Feels Like
5. Sunday Afternoon
6. Prologue
7. Vanilla (I’m Not Sexy)
8. Postmortem
9. I’m Yours
10. Rx – Stop What You’re Doing
11. Your Fault
12. Chelsea Morning

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