Album review: Vessel by Sylvi Alli

Album Name: Vessel
Artist: Sylvi Alli
Year/Label: 2010 / Vertical Pool Productions

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Having Reviewed Sylvi Alli in the past, I was happy to see that she had done a new album. Thankfully it follows her previous high standards. She records in an ethereal style and has a voice like few others do.

Opener Conduit is bleak yet offers wonderfully delivered vocals. There are no other instruments but it holds together anyway.

Gyre is a barely-there song with some celestial harmonies from Alli. Sort of like a warmer Dead Can Dance song.

Arbor Sea sees her reach some intriguing sounds, her vocals are lovely as ever and the delicately woven tune suits her fine.

Tyger has some impressive yet low-key atmospherics that Alli puts to good use. She uses William Blake’s poem of the same name to get her point across.

It’s a tranquil yet suspenseful album and it should be loved by many.

Track Listing
1. Conduit
2. North
3. Gyre
4. Naiad
5. Hex
6. Arbor Sea
7. Incant
8. Through the veil
9. Tyger
10. By Fire
11. Rising

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