Album Review: Volume II by Ali Weiss

Album Name:Volume II
Artist: Ali Weiss
Year/Label: 2007 Willy n’ Bella Music

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

Ali Weiss has released an album filled with pleasant folk music with a pop edge. She has a strong voice that blends well with the overall sound.

Opening number, Count on You is a nice stand out. It’s possible that it’s just that I’ve heard it more than the others, it being track 1, but I do like it. It’s got a nice easy feel.

Does She Know has a bluesy edge but still folky. I really like the melody of this one. It’s unpredictable.

Some of these songs have a choral sensibility. In that, I mean that I can imagine large choirs singing back up for her.

This is one of those records I like a lot, I just find a hard time thinking of unique and/or intelligent things to say about it. But she’s good and if you like most of the music generally featured here chances are you’ll dig this as well.

Track Listing
Listen to track samples
1 Count on You
2 Does She Know
3 How Far
4 Somewhere
5 Beloved One
6 Wedding Song
7 The Things We Do
8 Early This Morning

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