Album Review: Vonnegut’s Wife by Circe Link

Album Name: Vonnegut’s Wife
Artist: Circe Link
Year/Label: 2010 / BlackWings Multimedia

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I’ve liked Circle Link since I heard the first song on her first record. Some of her songs have shown up in my Car CDs too. She has a great bouncy feel to her songs and her voice is a dream. This album, however is quite different and those who kept up with her via email list or website were fairly warned. I for one was excited to hear about the new direction.

I’m always nervous when an artist I already like goes off the beaten track, but in this case I’m all for it. This is harder, darker and more twisted than her previous stuff and I love it. Really.

Her voice growls and swoops to the twangy (yet not alarmingly so) melodies.

The title song is a haunting tune in minor keys.

Hungry Men has some frantic spoken word in layers and it’s making me szchizo trying to hear it all, but it’s cool.

Jazz Noon is slinky and sexy and reminds me of Jill Tracy.

Jesus Drank All the Wine makes me want to dance.

This is a super fun record by a greatly talented lady.

Track Listing
1. Man or Mouse
2. Sex Crime
3. Hit me
4. Vonnegut’s Wife
5. Hard Act to Follow
6. Hungry Men
7. Friends Like You
8. Jazz Nation
9. Bad Taste
10. Jesus Drank all the Wine
11. Something’s Missing

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