Album Review: Water Into Wine by Ellen Woloshin

Album Name: Water Into Wine
Artist: Ellen Woloshin
Year/Label: 2010 / 58th Street Records

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Review by David Adair

It’s always a rocky, often long and drawn out road to tread, when a songwriter who has penned numbers for the likes of Dionne Warwick, sets out alone. New York resident, Ellen Woloshin seems to be making steady progress, as is confirmed in her new eleven track forage. Opening up with harmless and longing string spiked mini-epic, Making My Way Back (To Free) that’s friendly if a little unadventurous. More body and vocal echo that disperses a searching narrative with cold clarity is deftly applied for Joanna. A winding instrumental spread gives hope to cushion the delicately dealt blows of the fatalistic lyrics:

Something’s you just can’t change, you can turn every stone; you can try your hardest.

The tear in your soul remains and there’s nothing to do except cry your heart out.

Flitting from the haunting touch of Belinda Carlisle to the more colourful nod of Donna Lewis that is backed to the hilt, by an expressive and occasionally rising backing band, this album builds up in range, as the intrigue factor keeps on ticking over. Where Does All The Time Go, uses a partly harrowing and wandering key trickle to build up to the hovering alto vocals that speak of a worldly wisdom, promoting a positive outlook no matter what stage of life you’re in. Caressing backing vocals helps to make it warming, as well as serious and reflective. Pleading touches litter the album with a fleeting sense of urgency that contrasts with the often leisurely and composed vocal gait. A patting percussion pushed and stirringly charming run through The Beatles classic We Can Work It Out, illuminates Ellen’s ability to add life and her own slant to thoughtful numbers from bygone pop days.

Just Come Home, scatters out soulful defiance that seeps into the masterfully sung Let It Go Now, as a free spirit starts to grow. Woloshin is continuing to embolden in her song-writing flame that contains enough spirit, a little gusto, plenty of personality and a charming poetic resonance to help her make her own mark.

Rating; 3.5/5

Track Listing
1. Making My Way Back (To Free)
3. In My Dream
4. Round We Go Again
5. Where Does All the Time Go
6. We Can Work It Out
7. Don’t Talk to Me That Way
8. The Words
9. Just Come Home
10. Let It Go Now
11. You Break My Fall

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