Album Review: We Are the Sand by Peter Lacey

Album Name: We Are the Sand
Artist: Peter Lacey
Year/Label: 2011 / Pink Hedgehog Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Peter Lacey has made impressive records in the past, and his new effort in the vein of Brian Wilson is no exception.

The title song evokes carefree summer, no mean feat in December. Lacey’s harmonies definitely lean towards the Wilson tradition, but with his own slant to it.

She’s a Rainbow is a nicely evoked delicate moment, still with those stellar harmonies in place.

A Pool of Thought sees Lacey in a poetic and very spacey moment that fits right in with the rest of the tracks.

Why? is a wonderfully sad song about a breakup with some lovely melodic touches.

This album creates memories of summers and carefree days in the best ways.

Track Listing
1. We are the sand
2. Drinkin’ in the sunshine/Notes from Cornwall (pt 1)
3. There’s a feeling’
4. Part of a rock
5. She’s a rainbow
6. Come what may
7. A pool of thought
8. Why?
9. Full Circle
10. Time, Less reason
11. An open heart/Notes from Cornwall (pt2)
12. Naomi’s song
13. Call it a day

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