Album Review: What a Woman Shouldn’t Do by Julie McKee

Album Name: What a Woman Shouldn’t Do
Artist: Julie McKee
Year/Label: 2008 / Shrewd Records

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Julie McKee’s likeable, jazzy debut shows the singer having serious vocal chops and a flair for writing original songs.

The funky opener Nobody’s Farm sees her singing in a fluid voice to a solid backing.

Carousel is soft and a bit loungey, McKee’s vocal as lovely as any better-known singer of the genre. She has a deep melancholy to her at times that’s very appealing. Here she reminds me of Eddi Reader.

Summer Weather in my Heart is a breezy and suitable song for this time of year. It’s a gentle and jazzy song with a great piano bit. The chords sound like gently falling summer rain.

Mount Vesuvius is up tempo and catchy, I keep humming it.

You’ve got an ego like mount Vesuvius and it’s erupting all over me…

she sings.

The ironic title song is a fitting closer to an impressive debut.

Track Listing
1 Nobody’s Farm
2 All About You
3 Eric Marlow
4 Carousel
5 It Just So Happens
6 The Experts
7 Summer Weather In My Heart
8 Nine Years Old
9 Mount Vesuvius
10 Angel Song
11 What A Woman Shouldn’t Do

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