Album Review: Wicked Ways by Lily Holbrook

Album Name: Wicked Ways
Artist: Lily Holbrook
Year/Label: 2008 / Alive Experience

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

This is a super cool record. As I was writing the review I thought, ‘why do I know that name?’ so I search my own site for her thinking maybe Anna maria reviewed her. [Sure enough she did!] Only she went by just “Lily” then.

Comparing the cover art from that release to this one I have to say that this one’s a little edgier. I think it is musically too. Anna mentioned a similarity to Jewel, vocally. But I didn’t hear that on this one until I really thought ‘Jewel’ when I listened. But at any rate I think she’s changed a bit. For the better (and the album cover was changed as well).

Her voice is sweet and a little crackly. The music is at times, sort of new agey, Kin Za Za -ish, lots of layers and multiple instruments. Other times it’s edgy pop with cool beats.

Running into Walls is kinda ear-wormy (gets stuck in my head) in a good way. I guess I could go on naming songs I like, but after awhile I’d just be mentioning them all. I really like this.

Track Listing
1. Apocalypse Kiss
2. Welcome to the Slaughterhouse
3. Better Left Unsaid
4. It’s a Sin
5. Smoke Screen
6. Cold Day in Hell
7. Running Into Walls
8. Wicked Ways
9. Cowboys and Indians
10. Sweet Little Girl

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