Album Review: Winter is My Summer by Chase Frank

Album Name: Winter is My Summer
Artist: Chase Frank
Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Chase Frank’s debut “Bee of my Mind” was a special record, but this is something even better. She’s more sonically abrasive and more daring than before.

“Tabitha’s Plea” is a sparse, evocative song with shades of P.J Harvey. “If you want to be fearless you’ve got to bleed” she sings.

Frank’s played most of this record by herself as well as writing all of it. That’s very impressive.

“My Captor” is a startling lo-fi exercise in sound that recalls Sonic Youth.

“Gospel of Sue” is tough and haunting. Frank’s relentless energy and intriguing approach to her music shines through here.

The white-hot intensity of “Tethered Heart” is accomplished with the slightest of instrumentation. But Frank’s vocal is strong enough to carry it.

This record is a great accomplishment.

Posted on February 23, 2006

Track Listing
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1. Tabitha’s Plea
2. Hometown Love
3. Front Lines
4. My Captor
5. Space Report
6. Gospel of Sue
7. Twelve Hours to Go
8. Tethered Heart
9. More
10. The Groom
11. Kickstart
12. Night Eyes Are Wild
13. Floating With Sarah

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