Album Review: Without a Bird by Rachel Reis

Album Name: Without a Bird
Artist: Rachel Reis
Year/Label: 2007 / Independent

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

The cover had me expecting heavily produced jazz music. I don’t know why. I form weird opinions frequently. Luckily I can cast them aside just as easily.

Rachel Reis has an emotional sort of swoopy voice. Notable especially on Chicago. It gives the song such a yearning sound. She actually reminds me of someone else and I can’t place it. If it comes to me, I will update this.

I guess some of the songs have a jazzy hint to them, but really they’re mostly folk. It’s a pretty minimal sound (that’s a good thing, just not what I was expecting). She reminds me, in tone, a little of Rose Polenzani. Simple yet intricate sound….if that makes any sense.

The songs are well written, unique (which is really something rare these days) but still catchy enough I want to learn them so I can sing along.

I recently learned that Rachel will be playing a house concert here in Minneapolis (not at my house, though) so I am excited that I’ll get to see her live soon!

Track Listing
1 Learning Too Slow
2 Never You Mind
3 When Will You Be Mine?
4 Chicago
5 Fine, I’m Fine
6 Visit
7 I Could Leave
8 Without a Bird
9 Hands to Water
10 Here We Lie in Wait

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