Album Review: World Divine by Diana Berry and Dim Dim

Album Name: World Divine
Artist: Diana Berry and Dim Dim
Year/Label: 2009 / Lovebird

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

I’ve reviewed Diana Berry in the past, here is her new record which is done with Jerry Dimmer who calls himself Dim Dim here. He plays the ukulele and they add electronic beats, which makes for a special sound.

The Answer is a successful merging of the unusual sounds of the ukulele and Berry’s sultry vocal.

“Precious” is a sweet love ballad, that Berry handles well, her vocal warm against the backing. She sounds like she means what she’s singing.

Pleasure is a fun song that’s got a pronounced backbeat and a subtly dreamy vocal.

Wind Up is pretty cute; Berry and Dimmer creating a dreamlike but still grounded song.

This album has a weird, but likeable sound making it a real treasure.

Track Listing
1. Tiger
2. The Answer
3. World Divine
4. Precious
5. Good Karma
6. Further
7. Pleasure
8. Station Song
9. Wherever
10. Wind Up
11. Full of Yourself
12. New Way
13. Hook Up
14. Never Gone

[Diana Berry and Dim Dim Official Site]

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