Album Review: Wrap Me in Your Skin by Terri B

Album Name: Wrap Me in Your Skin
Artist: Terri B
Year/Label: 2003 / Independent

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

Terri B’s music is progressive rock in nature and has other influences as well. Her elastic voice adapts well to her different styles. She also plays a variety of instruments including keyboards and Autoharp.

“Time Will Tell” is a mid-tempo tune that benefits from Terri’s smooth delivery. Tim Jones’ guitar lines are sophisticated and powerful at once.

The soft ballad “An Only Child” is a sad song. Terri’s voice expresses the sorrow of the lonely child well.

The laidback sound and ironic lyrics make “Girl Power” a real treat. Terri B makes a feminist statement that’s also very funny.

“When you see me in the sun,
I’ll bare my breasts for anyone,
as long as I get my fee”

she sings.

The jazzy “We Are One” has some inspired saxophone playing and endearing lyrics.

The hard rockin’ “Baird, My Soul” showcases the tougher side of Terri B’s music. There are also quirky vocal touches in the vein off Kate Bush. The melody strays into Led Zeppelin territory.

The eerie closer “Dream World” takes us further into this singer’s odd sound world. It’s a collage of noises and voices that is quite original.

This album is lovely and wont just appeal to progressive rock fans.

Posted on January 18, 2003

Track Listing
1. The Spell
2. Ephemeral Fire
3. Time Will Tell
4. An Only Child
5. Wrap me in your Skin
6. Listen
7. Sandalphon (Lord Litter’s Theme)
8. Girl Power
9. Menage a Trois
10. Floating
11. We are One
12. Baird, My Soul
13. Hector
14. Ephemeral Fire (recorded live for the BBC)
15. Dream World

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