Album Review: You Can See Everything by Brooke Miller

Album Name: You Can See Everything
Artist: Brooke Miller
Year/Label: 2007 / Sparkle Plenty Music / Hickory Records

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Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

This album did not grab me upon first listen. But since it’s been in my rotation for several months (yes, I am way behind) I have grown to really like it. These songs sort of country with a folksy attitude. I generally don’t like country, especially that which has a solid twang and many songs here have that. But I am surprising myself with how endearing this has become for me.

She opens with World on a Whim. It’s catchy. Country, but fun. Several times this has caught my ear while in rotation. Now that I know it even better, I’d say it’s one of the best songs here.

Two Soldiers is another favorite for me. I like the guitar part and it always grabs me. Her voice is so lovely on this one (on all, really, but it stands out more on this track for me anyway). It’s got an almost Catie Curtis vibe.

Everywhere has a cool unexpected melody, which is always appreciated. It’s a little dirgy.

I also like What kind of Move.

Brooke Miller is a great songwriter and has a comfortable lovely voice. This is a first rate album, and I am happy to say this is another one that’s going into my personal rotation.

**Note the order of the songs on my copy and on Amazon differs from what her website shows, which is this:

1. Country from the dome car
2. You can see everything
3. World on a whim
4. Two soldiers
5. Hold on to it
6. There you are (orchestral)
7. Trouble where you seek it
8. Everywhere
9. What kind of move
10. AM song

Track Listing
1. World on a whim
2. Hold on to it
3. Two soldiers
4. Trouble where you seek it
5. Everywhere
6. You can see everything
7. Country from the dome car
8. There you are (orchestral)
9. What kind of move
10. AM song

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