Album Review:Chansons d’Jour by Geneviève Letarte

Album Name: Chansons d’Jour
Artist: Geneviève Letarte
Year/Label: 2002 / Dame

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Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell

The Montreal based writer and singer Geneviève Letarte’s album is relaxed in mood and has some intriguing songs.

The slowburning opener “Contemplation” is a great song with a slightly arabic feel to it.

Just as good is the sensual “La prairie de ton lit” (The prairie of your bed).

“Le Journal” sets an ironic account of someone being bored by the lack of violent news in the paper to a restrained backing.

“Liberte” states “There is no freedom/there is only space and time” and concludes enigmatically “Live in the world of your soul”. These words are set to jazzy tune that recalls “The Walking”-era Jane Siberry.

“Chansons d’Jour” is an inspiring and complex album.

Posted April 23. 2002

Track Listing
1 Contemplation
2 La prairie de ton lit
3 Je ne tremble plus
4 Le Journal
5 Jai marchi
6 Liberti
7 Le bout du monde
8 Toutes ces larmes
9 Moi je cherche
10 Flou comme la nuit

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