Album Review:Heavy Rotation Vol. 7 – Dorm Sessions by Various Artists

Album Name: Heavy Rotation Vol. 7 – Dorm Sessions
Artist: Various Artists
Year/Label: 2010 / Independent

Review by Amy Lotsberg Producer of Collected Sounds

I’ve reviewed Heavy Rotations’ compilations before and it always seems like a mix tape a cool kid would make for me. Some of it I really like and some of it I really….don’t. It’s made by music school students at Berklee.

In an attempt to be kind I will refrain from talking about ones I didn’t care for and just concentrate on a few that I did.

Each artist on this project gets two songs each.

I really like Ann Driscoll’s two songs, I Wanna Be Your Zombie gets a tad goofy (as you may guess by the title). But Ringmaster is really cool and quirky with some echoey vocals and interesting melodies.

I really like Julia Eassterlin’s Mild Response. And Render is even better. She does some cool vocalizing at the end.

Black Kettle’s I Don’t Want to Know is nice.

In all, it’s a fun record to have with some real gems on it.

Track Listing
1. I Wanna Be Your Zombie – Ann Driscoll
2. Ringmaster – Ann Driscoll
3. 64 Dollars – Jordan Tarrant
4. Im A Loser (But You Love Me)- Jordan Tarrant
5. When I See Your Face – Liz Longley
6. AnnaBelle- Liz Longley
7. October – Tin Soldier
8. Hat Song- Tin Soldier
9. A Mild Responce – Julia Easterlin
10. Render – Julia Easterlin
11. Dangerous – Liptease
12. Ooh Al – Liptease
13. King And All His Horses, The – Black Kettle
14. I Don’t Want To Know – Black Kettle
15. Trafego – Tais Alvarenga
16. Nem La Nem Ca- Tais Alvarenga
17. Homicide – KR & the Future
18. Figure It Out – (featuring Tay Montana)- KR & the Future

[Heavy Rotation Official Site]

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