Album Review:Shock Delayed by Lesley Curtis

Album Name: Shock Delayed
Artist: Lesley Curtis
Year/Label: 2003 / Organic Blonde

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Review by Steven Digman

Using the playing knowledge of set hand positions (the musicians), and the voice passion position of condensed vocal energy, Singer/Songwriter Lesley Curtis has musically achieved a well-rounded (sounded) CD state of musical alignment.

This musical “SHOCK DELAYED” equilibrium begins with “Why Am I Still Waiting” (Co-written with Andy Nicholls). ‘Hear’ Curtis sings all the required information (the lyrical elements) into a complete singer/listener relationship, with all instruments played (please take note)… by Andy Nicholls.

“I Hold The Earth” (the ninth-track) features the guitar and keyboards of Nick Livesey, and includes a good form of sung lyrical adjectives, with the singing emphasis of well-controlled angular expression.

The final track “Natural Place To Be” is her best song, which has the best part of the song hidden in a harmonious arrangement at the end. A wonderfully crafted ballad of good Folk Blues that features once again – all instruments played, by Andy Nicholls.

Produced by Andy Nicholls and Lesley Curtis, SHOCK DELAYED is an eleven-track harmonic analysis of musical depth psychology that explores the Universal Life Force of Listening Pleasure…And it is, Vocally Reiki (Curtis is also a Reiki Master) – Good!

Posted on January 4, 2004

Track Listing
1. Why Am I Still Waiting
2. Shock Delayed
3. Share Your Love and Live
4. Vanishing Man
5. Made of Stone
6. Why Does Every Day End In A Why?
7. Turn To Me
8. Spirit and Soul
9. I Hold The Earth
10. Moonbeams
11. Natural Place To Be

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