Album Review:The Approach by I:Scintilla

Album Name: The Approach
Artist: I:Scintilla
Year/Label: 2004 / Independent

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Review by Sarah Bernardi

Even though I:Scintilla have just arrived on the scene, they’re already making their mark with their intoxicating blend of industrial beats and atmospheric creations.

Intricate layers of guitars and synths surround Brittany Bindrim’s aggressive vocals. I:Scintilla is already captivating audiences with their live show, which is an excellent extension of their album. The Approach is a whirlwind of songs that range from harder rock tracks to trance-like epics. Combined with intense lyrics, I:Scintilla has done an extremely impressive job in pulling us into their world.

The Approach is definitely a fast-paced treat for spacey industrial rockers everywhere. Standout tracks include “Scin”, “Havestar”, and “Imitation.”

Posted on October 7, 2004

Track Listing
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2 imitation
3 logic + the lack thereof
4 capsella bursa pastoris
5 fidelidad [estrogen mix]
6 scin
7 translate
8 havestar
9 the intruder, part iv
10 the bells

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