Anna Maria’s Best of 2007

Hey everyone, I thought you all might like to know what our Primo Reviewer Anna Maria Stjarnell liked this year:
Find Me By Happy Rhodes | [Listen]
Kismet By Jessica Hoop |[Listen]
Keren Ann By Keren Ann | [Listen]
Ancient Shadows By Priscilla Hernandez* [Read Review]
Faces In The Rocks By Mairee Sioux | [Read Review]
Songs Of A Ragdoll By Miss Li | [Listen]
Under The Blacklight by Rilo Kiley | [Listen]
Mantaray By Siouxsie | [Listen]
Stardom Road By Marc Almond | [Listen]
Garden Of The Hesperides by Hexperos | [Read Review]
White Chalk By PJ Harvey | [Listen]
Etarlis By Mermaid Kiss | [Read Review]
A Hundred Birds By Sylvi Alli | [Read Review]

*Also on Amy’s list.

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