Announcing: Chez Animal Hair

If you’re a keen observer of this website, and not an RSS follower only, you may have noticed some new links on the menu bar up there. I alluded to this last week, and thought I’d fill you all in now.

Short version aka TL;DR

The long-winded version:

I have a confession to make, Collected Sounds is not my first foray into blogging. In fact, I had a personal blog on my very first website more than ten years ago. It was just a page telling friends what we’re up to, and I called it ‘news’ but it pretty much was a blog before there was such a thing. Or at least before I knew there was.

Then I started the music website (it was called and was not a blog but a standalone website). That morphed into Collected Sounds as you know it now.
Over the years I started up other websites, some lasted 2 weeks, some longer. After doing some planning and reevaluating of my online existence, I decided to pick only the topics near and dear to me and let the other stuff fall away.

The result is Chez Animal Hair, which is the name I’ve long used to describe my house.
So the other sites I keep are a cooking/foodie blog, a pets blog, and a personal blog in which I share more info that you would ever want to know about me. That’s really mostly for friends, but you’re welcome to cyber stalk me. Just keep it online. 🙂

I have four websites:
This one, Collected Sounds
A Community for pet lovers and animal activists in my state of MN
A personal blog
And a cooking/foodie blog
They can all be found at [] or follow the links above in the menu bar.

Now you know why I can’t keep up with the 10 CDs a week I get for review.


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