Another missed invitation.

So the other day I was a little bored and I did a Google blog search for my name. I do have a Google alert set up, but this one never came to me. Imagine my surprise when I realized I had been invited to (ahem) “bite (the) left one” of a local band!

Here’s the close up:

Well I went to that link and it’s a MySpace blog post by a band who did indeed send me their CD, but the blog post has since been changed so I am assuming my invitation has been rescinded.

I noticed also that their mood status is “drunk”. so that may explain something as well.

If I remember right, the band in question emailed me asking if I was going to review it and I replied “not at this time”. So apparently that’s enough to warrant an angry blog post. Imagine if I had actually done a review!

So I stress once again….artists, do not send me your music if you do not want my opinion on it.

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