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Today’s Recommendation is Hannah Fury.

I first learned of Hannah Fury in 2003 when she sent me her album, The Thing That Feels. I reviewed it, and called it “a thing of beauty” and “dark and beautiful”. The album made it to my Best of 2003 list (even tho it was released before that, I based my lists on when I heard the music).

Hannah writes, performs, engineers, and produces all of her recordings. Her music is rhythmic, eerie, dreamy, spooky, and beautiful.

She recently released two “EP”s on Bandcamp and I just got them both. I’m happy to say that 17 years later, she’s still got it.

She recently suffered a great personal loss. In true artist fashion, has funneled this into music that she has put up on Bandcamp for free (or a donation). Please check it out.



Facebook group
Facebook profile


On Collected Sounds:
The Thing That Feels
Through the Gash


Soul Poison (1998)
The Thing That Feels (2000)
Meathook (2001)
I Can’t Let You In (2003)
Subterfuge (2006) 
Through the Gash (2007) 
Not Sad (2015)
Little Family (2020)
The World We Want (2020)
Spidersong (2020)
Time (2020)


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