Album Review: Back to Basics by Christina Aguilera

Album Name: Back to Basics

Artist: Christina Aguilera

Year/Label: 2006 / RCA

I know I said I wasn’t doing any reviews for awhile, and I’m not. But I’ll post others’:

My friend Tom just called me especially to tell me that he got this record and it’s really good.

He said it’s very female empowering. He also said that he liked her first record OK, really really loved her next release and that this one is a close second to that one for now, but might even overtake it.

She’s a little mainstreamy for me, but I’ve always been able to admit she’s a fantastic singer. I just don’t like many of the songs (tho’ Genie in a Bottle is on one of my mix CDs—shhhhhh). As long as she stays away from the vocal you-know-whats-ees.

I will say I love the cover art. So old fashioned. Very classy.

I trust Tom, he loves Sarah McLachlan.

Track Listing

1. Intro (Back To Basics)
2. Makes Me Wanna Pray featuring Steve Winwood
3. Back In The Day
4. Ain’t No Other Man
5. Understand
6. Slow Down Baby
7. Oh Mother
8. F.U.S.S. (Interlude)
9. On Our Way
10. Without You
11. Still Dirrty
12. Here To Stay
13. Thank You (Dedication To Fans…)
14. Enter The Circus
15. Welcome
16. Candyman
17. Nasty Naughty Boy
18. I Got Trouble
19. Hurt
20. Mercy On Me

Christina’s Official Site

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UPDATE: I heard this last night. Tom played it for us. While I still don’t care for her genre, it was pretty good. The second disc was much better, I thought. Less pop. More jazzy. She really does have a great voice. I’m not going to run out and buy it, but if you like her at all, I think you’ll like the disc.

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