Brandi Carlile on DirecTV!

Brandi Carlile

If any of you have DirecTV and you’re a Brandi Carlile fan you’re in luck. I just noticed the other night that they were featuring her in their concert series. I set my TiVo to record the next showing and I watched it today.

It’s a nice hour long show that has concert footage (from the Lone Star Lounge in Austin) and some interview stuff, interspersed with some quotes from others about her.

I reviewed her previous CD [We’re Growing Up] in 2003.
I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I thought she had potential but was undeveloped. I didn’t like that she screeched her voice too much. It sounded like it hurt. I also thought she reminded me of Avril Lavigne and didn’t see why we needed another one.

But a few years later she’s changed. She got signed by Columbia/Sony. I see that for one, she’s gotten a new image. She used to be kind of tough girl-butchy but is now much softer (though still strong). Her musical style has changed a little also. She’s got a little bit of a Country twang to some of her songs. While she still screams at times it seems more toned down to me, and much more palatable. She doesn’t sound like Lavigne at all to me now.

She’s now opening for the Indigo Girls and is well on her way to becoming just as famous as they are. I’m happy for her. She deserves it.

Catch this if you can. Here are the showtimes my TiVo gives:
NOW! 5pm Central – I’m sorry I was going to get this up earlier but my blog decided that it was going to be slower than molasses.
Tomorrow 7/27 at 8am.

It’s channel 101, though shows up on other channel numbers.

[Watch a video here]