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I don’t always like to do this and I try not to too much, but the affiliate programs I have sometimes offer really cool things. So I’m passing this along to you. Know that if you use my links for stuff you’ll be helping out each time.

Amazon has put together some “Best Of” lists and I thought I’d pass some along to you.

[100 Greatest Debut Albums]

[100 Greatest Romantic Albums]

[100 Greatest Singer-Songwriter Albums] Wow, the comments on this list are an interesting read.

[100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums]

[100 Greatest Jazz Albums]

They have selected 50 albums they’re selling for $5 each (MP3s) and Neko is on there!

OK that’s enough for now. If you’re shopping anyway, please keep us in mind and use the links here. I will love you forever!
[here] is my shopping page.

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