Carina Round announces new EP

Carina Round has announced the release of her new five-song EP, Things You Should Know. It is due May 12th, 2009.

She will be doing an EP release show at the Hotel Cafe on the 13th May as part of a one month residency. Each show will be different but focused around the EP material.

If you pre-order it now, ($5) you’ll receive an exclusive free bonus track, plus the chance to win a spot on her VIP guest list with a meet & greet at one of her upcoming shows in 2009. On May 12th, you will receive an email with a one-time-only downloadable link for the five new tracks, plus artwork, and your special exclusive gift!

Since she’s releaseing this one independently she is also taking donations for her fourth full length album. Check it out [here] to see the different teirs.

Track list:

1. Backseat
2. Please Don’t Spot
3. Thief in the Sky
4. So You
5. Everything a Reason


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