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A podcast where a couple of dorks (Amy & Megan) chat about the TV show, “The Dead Files” and other creepy shit. Coming soon, early 2022.Copy the link below and paste it into your favorite podcast app  

Volsteadland New Episode

Hi friends!I don’t post all the podcast stuff here because I feel like most of you probably don’t care (or if you do, you’re already subscribed). But I thought I’d just post one more. This is our 4th Episode so…

New Episode of Volsteadland live now!

New episode of Volsteadland dropped today. Subscribe now and auto-download so you don’t miss it! Listen in your favorites podcast app, or at Amazon, Stitcher, or Spotify. Or directly on RedCircle.  

The Secret is OUT

Alright friends, I’m ready to announce…..the new podcast series Volsteadland. Those of you who are here for the music, I apologize. This podcast has nothing to do with music (though it does have a kick-ass theme song). Due to a…

Podcast :: Chapter 4 The Dead Smile (finale)

The Dead Smilechapter 4 is up today! Check your favorite podcast app (Spotify, Amazon, or any number of phone apps) or follow the link Please let me know if you have suggestions for other stories and stay tuned for the…