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New Discovery: Modern Superstitions

This band came across my desk recently and I thought I’d share with you. There’s also an MP3 for you! [Visions of You] Here’s some press: All The Things We’ve Been Told is the debut offering from Toronto’s Modern Superstitions.…

Free cool song.

Free Lindsey Ray song from her upcoming album, Goodbye from California: I love this song! [Click here]

Free songs

Hey kids, more free stuff coming your way!! Lots of new released coming out around now, so folks are kindly offering up free samples!

Wow, more freebies

These are all from Amazon. Some really good stuff!! Maybe this week won’t suck after all. I started picking out some a really liked, then I just ended up linking to the whole list. Also, I wouldn’t try downloading these…

New Discovery: The Mynabirds

Now I suppose you’ll tell me they’ve been around forever, and where have I been, living in a cave? But I had not heard about them until today. Anyway,Tthe Mynabirds caught my attention because of their cool artwork (I saw…

Some Free Music today!

Couple of Eps for free today at Amazon. [Yep Roc Records Sampler] has Nick Lowe, The Apples in Stereo, Nina Persson and others. the next is an EP from Benjy Davis.

Meeble Music (free)

I reviewed Mr Meeble‘s last album, [Never Trust the Chinese] back in 2008. I found it odd but very likable. So they let me know that they are releasing a free track and said I could share it with you…