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V new Amanda Palmer Song

Betcha never thought you’d hear Amanda sing country! She wrote this song with her friends (including Neil) and played it in Dublin last night.

Merton and Ben Folds

Do you all know about this? Seems a (very talented) guy named Merton posted a video of himself on YouTube playing piano and doing improv live on ChatRoulette (which I’d never even heard of until this). It appears to be…

New Amy Kuney (funny) cover

In Amy’s words: I decided to take my unhealthy, unbalanced obsession to a whole new creepy level by doing a parody of Twilight and covering “Obsessed” by Miley Cyrus. Haha, “Robsessed”… I’m definitely on Team Edward.

Nuke the Soup Video

Hey all, check out this cool video by Baltimore, MD band, Nuke the Soup. It’s called Filled with Dread and it’s from their album, Make Waves not War. It was shot in Los Angeles by producer/director George Rausch of Modified…

Amy Kuney on Kanye and Taylor

The ever clever Amy Kuney has done a rewrite of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” and recorded it (at 3am no less) as a video. She says, “I wrote it from the point-of-view of her alter-ego “T-Swizzle” (which you might know…

Today’s Science Lesson

I love these guys. I hadn’t heard this one in awhile, and they posted it on FB today, so I thought I’d share. TMBG – Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas)

Amy Kuney’s take on Lady Gaga

I’ve long enjoyed Amy Kuney’s music, but I had no idea she was this funny and clever….well, OK clever yes, she writes some wonderful pop songs. But check this out…