CDBaby changes ownership

Derek Sivers, creator of CDBaby the online music store, has sold the company to Tony van Veen and Disc Makers.

At first I was alarmed by this news because I have been a CDBaby fan and affiliate for many years. But then I read the official announcement on Derek’s website and see he hasn’t been involved (other than ownership) in a long time. He says, “I haven’t worked at CD Baby since last year. In fact I’ve hardly been there since 2002.” [Read Derek’s full announcement].

So yes, I guess he did assemble a great team to work for him because in my opinion they’re still great.
I just wonder why he didn’t even mention this until March of 2008 when the 10th Anniversary hit. That seems odd. I’ve always felt that Derek and the company went hand in hand. That he’s been away from it for so long is interesting to me. I’m sure he had his reasons for not announcing it, just seems odd is all.

I wonder if this will impact sales. I for one, hope it only increases them since I sell CDs from there. In fact CDBaby is the main source of income for this site (granted it’s still only about $15 per month on average, but still!).

I did do a double take the other day when I went to the site and the look had completely changed. I wasn’t sure I was even on the right site. It looks great though.

This is also on the heels of the announcement that [Sony and BMG have parted ways]!

Comments? I’d love to hear what everyone thinks of this.

[Disc Makers]

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