Charlotte Martin’s new record is coming!!


Hey everyone

Just wanted to let you know that I got a copy of Charlotte Martin’s new CD, Stromata last week. I’ve been listening intently and am readying my review. But for those who are anxious, here’s the art and set list:

  1. Stromata
  2. Cut the Cord
  3. Drip
  4. Little Universe
  5. Civilized
  6. A Hopeless Attempt
  7. Four Walls
  8. Inch Away
  9. Keep Me in Your Pocket
  10. Pills
  11. Just Before Dawn
  12. The Dance
  13. Redeemed

Oh and it’s fabooooo!!!! It will be out September 12th in the US on her new lable Dinosaur Fight Records.

Update: Review is posted: [See Here]

This is what the advance copy cover looked like.

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