Charlotte Martin’s Piano Trees is now Available


Piano Trees is a 24-song collection featuring unedited, improvisational piano pieces from 2005-current. “I wrote it [Piano Trees] specifically to inspire other artists. We all have the capacity to create. We are all creative creatures,” Charlotte Martin explains.

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1. a beautiful spot out in the skyline
2. in all the right places
3. pulse
4. deleted scenes
5. tender luna
6. god made the bees
7. honey and vinegar
8. before the war
9. internalize this
10. you are and so am i
11. forgotten children
12. all glowy
13. colors of numbers
14. then don’t
15. count from 1-10
16. geronimo
17. full body workout
18. not wanting to get there
19. ascension flight button
20. hold time
21. last day i saw you
22. landing gear
23. not natural
24. blind spot

She also has another record, Rarities .6 , available exclusively in [Charlotte’s online store]. This is the sixth and final release from the Rarities Bootleg Series. All CDs are hand numbered. Limited quantities available. 2 copies per customer.

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