Concert: McQueen in Manchester

Artist: McQueen

Date: January 23, 2007

Venue: The Roadhouse

City: Manchester

Review by [David Adair]

The more biting the cold outside, the more stifling the heat is in the rock sweatbox of The Roadhouse. Tonight is no different and the entrance of the corrosive female rock quartet of Mcqueen, only turns up the heat. Returning to the venue that over two years ago they showed a glimpse of their promise, to follow up with some ripping post rock, old fashion R N’ R and, in the case of ‘Neurotic’ some metal skirting snarl. Uncovering material from their forthcoming debut album Break The Silence. Percussionist, Hayley Cramer is a breathtaking sight to behold, grimacing and pounding her instrument with force and skill to pick many of the offerings of the floor, lifting them up for the feisty howl of Leah Dours to devour.

The eerie interludes that are scattered around in the otherwise cantering ‘Break The Silence’, shows an atmospheric appreciation that Sonic Youth themselves would be proud of. It is the punk skirting that seems to be most appreciated on this occasion, as this genre seems to be in vogue in Manchester at the moment. Duors does a good number in narcissistic strutting. The athletic guitarist Cat De Casanove ties the set together with her strident strumming and onstage showcasing. Tonight, Mcqueen have shown that they are on the verge of setting off on the same course to recognition as label-mates Hanoi Rocks.

Rating; 3.5/5

[McQueen Official Site]

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